Quest "Szezsad, The Lair of Brood Mother"

When the three adventurers meet inside the Green Knight Tavern in Cavernhold’s dangerous dock district, they seek a map that is said to show the way below the city and into Szezsad’s lair. Determined to find the fabled brood mother, the quest begins as they find the secret entrance and start the descent into the darkness of the mountain.

What lies ahead for Nail Halfrock, Ismara Moonblade, and Valthor Bluefire? Will they be able to overcome their fears and emerge victorious, or will they succumb to the dangers that skitter and lurk in the shadows?

We invite you to come along. Join the quest and see.

🧙‍♂️ Valthor Bluefire, a powerful wizard, had long been fascinated by the legends of the brood mother and her hoard of ancient treasures and magic. After inquiring about a group of adventures seeking to find the secrets of Cavernhold and the depths of the mountain below he knew he wanted to join the adventure.
For Valthor, this adventure was more than just a quest for treasure. He had always been drawn to the secrets and mysteries that lay hidden, and he was convinced that there was much more to be discovered in the depths of the dungeon beneath the mountain. He hoped that by braving the dangers and facing Szezsad the brood mother, he would be able to unlock some of the secrets that had eluded him for so long.

Or is there more?

⛏ Nail Halfrock is a seasoned warrior, known in his Dwarf realm as a fierce and fearless fighter. His name is legendary, with stories of battles and victory against the many monsters that live in the dark places of his home deep beneath the earth.

He’s always been drawn to the thrill of the unknown and testing his strength in battle. When he hears of a group seeking to explore the depths of the mountain and find the legendary brood mother, he knows what’s next.

He must join this adventurous group.

🏹 A skilled ranger, Ismara Moonblade is deeply connected to the natural world. When she was young, she went into the wilderness and never returned to the life with her family, preferring to learn the secrets of the forest and the ways of the wild.
The tales she’s heard about the 🕷 brood mother have haunted her for years. This is the one creature she’s always wanted to see… but how? Her lair is mythical but hidden; lore tells of the way, but no map is known to exist. Word reaches her through the whisper of trees that a band is gathering to search deep below the mountain for this elusive creature. She knows… she must join them.
With her skills as an expert tracker and archer, she’s eager to help the group navigate the tunnels and evade the deadly traps that surely will await their quest.