a world of creativity, exploration, discovery

Come inside the Blue Imaginarium, where creativity runs wild. Colors explode in patterns and energy. Words dance across the page. Images leap across the screen. Sounds beat in time with your heart. Creativity awakens your soul.


We’re all creative beings. It’s in our DNA; it’s who we’re wired to be. No degrees or education needed. All you need is an open mind and the willingness to play.


We invite you to come explore creativity in all its shapes, sizes, colors, and sounds. Get ready to discover what lights you up and meet people who share your spark.


latest projects and creative adventures. You never know what will show up here… art, stories, poetry, short videos, chill/study-music videos, and who knows what else


explorations and ideas about creativity through written, visual, auditory stories – to carry you away


Classes, training and courses to explore a range of creative topics. We also work with key partners to provide education in different areas to expand the brain (and body).

Who We Are

Building Better Worlds. One Story at a Time.

Welcome to out site dedicated to exploring the outer reaches of our creativity. We are looking to tell our vibrant stories through different artistic mediums.

Come back to see our projects, deep stories, and be transported to new worlds on paper, in the digital realm, and in your imagination.

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