Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

Life Lessons for Everyday Warriors (e.g., the rest of us)

Horsemanship and the Japanese martial art of Aikido may seem as far apart as two things could be, both physically and philosophically. But through the author’s chance meeting (coincidence? maybe…) of renowned horseman Mark Rashid in the mid 1990s, the commonalities of the two paths became clear and then converged.

As a most unlikely student began to learn the Art of Peace, the journey took twists and turns. In time, it led to discovering the power of Practice as Aikido became a lifeline through challenge and loss and into personal growth.

Written by and for other Everyday Warriors (yes, you are a Warrior, even if you don’t know it yet), Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight can help you tap the reservoir of courage and strength that’s always been within you, and grow into abilities you never thought possible and into the person you’ve only dreamed about.

About the Author

Kara L. Stewart

Kara L. Stewart has loved the beauty and power of horses, words, and writing since her earliest days growing up in the foothills of Colorado. She can’t imagine life without them, and now Aikido.

She’s honored to combine her passions in writing for Horse Illustrated, United States Dressage Federation, Eclectic Horseman, and other equine publications as well as in her career in communications and digital marketing as co-creator of Blue Ascension Media and Blue Imaginarium.

When not writing, she’s likely at the dojo, enjoying horse time, or planning the next adventure.