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Welcome to Blue Imaginarium Press, the creative nucleus where words transform into captivating stories and ideas come to life. Founded by Kara Stewart and Andrew Blevins, our publishing arm is an extension of the imaginative journey that fuels Blue Imaginarium’s essence.

Our Commitment to Creativity: At Blue Imaginarium Press, we are dedicated to nurturing the art of storytelling and creativity through our three core service areas: Editing, Design, and Publishing. With a shared passion for exploration and a commitment to weaving compelling narratives, we embark on a mission to craft stories that resonate deeply with readers and elevate the world of literature.

The Power of Three i's:

Our philosophy revolves around the synergy of three integral principles, aptly represented by the three “i’s.” These principles are the guiding forces behind everything we do.


Refining the Narrative

Inspiration: The heartbeat of our creative process. We believe in breathing life into every word and sentence, ensuring that the narrative resonates deeply with readers. Our editing services are more than just fine-tuning; they are about infusing authenticity and depth into each story we touch.


Visualizing Possibilities

Imagination: Our playground of endless visual potential. We see design as an art form, where imagination takes center stage. From book covers that captivate to layouts that enhance readability, our design services paint vivid visuals that bring your stories to life.


Sharing Stories

Innovation: The driving force of our evolution. We are committed to forging new paths in the world of publishing. Embracing emerging technologies, experimenting with novel techniques, and pushing beyond the known boundaries, we ensure your stories reach the widest audience possible.

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At Blue Imaginarium Press, we’re passionate about bringing your stories to life. Whether you’re an author with a manuscript in hand or an artist seeking to visualize your visions, our team is here to make your creative dreams a reality.

Let’s craft captivating narratives, design stunning visuals, and share your stories with the world. Reach out to us today, and let’s start this incredible journey together.