The Water Glass Analogy: A model to simply understand and address the experience of distress

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About Course

The Water Glass Analogy: A model to simply understand and address the experience of distress.

Life can throw us a lot of curveballs, whether they’re from job, relationship, financial, or health-related challenges. The resulting stress can take a heavy toll on how we feel and how we function, both emotionally and physically.

If you’re feeling anxiety, irritability, or depression, the Water Glass Analogy can help you move beyond stress and into true calmness.

Developed over more than 20 years in private practice, this simple yet highly effective model helps you first easily understand the experience of distress. Next, it provides very clear, direct guidance and instruction on what to do when you’re feeling that distress is getting the better of you. It also shines a light on what addiction is and how to unlock from chains of behaviors that no longer serve you.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Using the analogy of filling a water glass, in this class students will learn the basics of emotional distress, the feedback loop of dissociative behaviors, and how to assess our emotional well-being, how therapy can help, and how to truly help yourself.
  • The water glass as a representation of our distress tolerance
  • explaining 3 expressions of distress
  • using dissociation to manage
  • feedback loop of addiction
  • naming the “Alka-seltzers”
  • listing the 10 ways to make water glass taller

Course Content

The Water Glass Analogy Video

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